August 24, 2014

Rocking N' Rolling in Quake Country

CATZOWEY! Me & MYself lives in the giganticat earthquake zone in
CalEyeFurKneeYah.  This morning our ground wazza ROCKING & ROLLING up in
Napa (land oh vines and wines!) which izza just 60 miles North of San Franfuncisco and we San Fran meowsters wazza jolted out of our meowvalous sleep!
So I am inspectacatting the rocks - yep uh huh cuz weeza rocking in the quake!

After inspectacatting the rocks, Me & MYself moved right into  being the ROLL Engineer cuz the earth wazza not just rocking but it was ROLLING too and ya gotta be purrrpared for Emergency roll needs. 

CATZOWEY! After all that work, Me & MYself feels compelled to chillax cuz being on Rocking & Rolling duties during an earthquake in CalEyeFurKneeYah can be exhausting! 

Wishing you a non CATastrophic week and a week where the ground isn't moving where you live! But do be sure if youza in earthquake land or tornado land or even hurricane land to always have your Emergency Packs for 2-legged AND Anipals refreshed quarterly and ready to go cuz you never ever know when youza gonna need it.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

August 18, 2014

It's Purrrobably Tat Tuesday

CATZOWEY & meowza wowza! AND purrrhaps an ouchie! Someone luvs luvs luvs me so so so much theyza getting a Guido tat! Now this izza first in my 8 years on da Planet!

 Dontcha wonder why theyza didn't select this pose for the Tat? Well purrhaps cuz their arm not buffed up enough! Yep Uh Huh this pose needs a mighty meowscle and big bicep to tat upon cuz I'ma Man Cat large and in charge.

 Nowza I tells YOU, if theyza had selected this pic well yep uh huh, theyza  definitely could have have my meowster face Tatted on their inky dinky wrist that helps them lift their glass of da Vino. So many pawsabilities for Tats!

Pssst .. IF theyza Vegiecats theyza could have had this organicat tomato & Me and MYself tatted on their tummy too. Yep,  all in the name of sustainable vegies - dat works for my organicat self.

 Dontcha thinks this would be purrrfecto for the protein loving person in your life looking for an EGGstaticat healthy kind of purrrOHteen loving Tat!

So I hopes YOU tells Me & MYself which pic youza would put on your tat if youza ever gonna do dat.  Ratta tat tat weeza into dat fantastical fun on Tuesday.

Ciao & Meow!
Guido the Italian Kitty

August 11, 2014

On The Job With Guido - Certified Therapy City Kitty

Catzowey! I'm ecstaticat to share pics of Me at MY job in San Franfuncisco.
Yep uh huh it's for sure I am purring at work - psssst ... some folks don't like their jobs but Me & MYself do cuz Animal Assisted Therapy rocks more than a Meowgarita Pizza Pie and is more fulfilling than a platter of Pasghetti n' Meatballs !

 Before my paws head out of the door to my Animal Assisted Therapy job I always hit the 
Coffee Pot first.

 Catzowey! Me & Myself believes in stretching before the job starts cuz I gotta get limbs limbered kind of like a catzowey downward dog.

Bamzatini! I'm on the job feeling purrrfectly relaxed when I looks into my speshule furiend's eyes. 

WOWza MEOWza being an Animal Assisted Therapy pet purrrvides ya abundacat kitty kisses and smooches galore and more.

Hmmmzatini! Me & MYself knows the power of the purr - yep uh huh itza for sure.

And some folks cannot see me but theyza feels my fur and straightens my work Tie, and theyza knows I'm purrrresent. Cuz I'ma EyeTailYun Man Cat on the job doing my Animal Assisted Therapy work. Works for me for sure.

IF youza knows someone whooza got patience and paws, check out venues in your local areas to help spread abundacat smiles, purrfecto loud purrs and some doggone great woofzatinis too.

Wishing YOU a most nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

August 3, 2014

Itza Guido Gazette's Great Eighth Birthday Edition

CATZOWEY! Where have my great 8 years gone to since I started being the purring publisher of The Guido Gazette? Are you curious as a cat to find out nowza? Get ready for a Catzowey visit down memory lane.

August 6, 2006 Me & MYself started at the yungun age supurrrrrvizing stuff & staff while keeping my cat eyes on things in my office. Yep uh huh. I wazza recruited to do the job!

 Cuz Me & My EyeTailYun kitty self believes in diversity so I had play dates with diverse pals on my office breaks cuz CalEyeFurKneeYah laws says youza gotta takes dat work break AND life is CATZOWEY with diverse furiends.

Right on from the startzaloni I began enforcing RECYCLING in my office. 
HEY I'm the EyeTailYun man cat Boss man so I can make those rules.

 Paying attenzione at the yungun age to our environment wazza impurrtan to Me & MYself. Like watching the water usage all the time - yep uh huh datza meowvalously impurrtant and I recommend all Staff & friends do the same.

 Now I'ma chillaxing and relaxing after 8 meowvalous years of purrducing the GUIDO GAZETTE and I wanna shares some stats with you - cuz YOU made it pawsible:

8  great years of YOUR reading The GUIDO GAZETTE have created:
63,540 visitors visiting & 1,482 comments (wowza meowza). The Guido Gazette purrroudly goes global all around the Planet weekly to all Continents - bringing a great message - Start Your Day the GUIDO way like I did EIGHT YEARS AGO!

I wanna say MILLE MEOWSTER GRAZIE furiends. I luvs luvs luvs youza!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week,

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 27, 2014

All In All I Loves My Baseball

Way way so far way back when I wazza yungun and just 1, I discovered I luvs giant fun stuff, like baseball.

Yep uh huh - I recommend sitting UP and not chillaxing in the hammock when you wanna have a meowvalous view of where the baseball rolling to.

 Now let Me & MYself say and convey you don't always have to be pitching that ball cuz youza can put on the speshule giant hat and become the cool catcher! It's a mewovalous pawzishun cuz then youza has a lil window to see dat ball coming atcha.

 When Me & MYself gets exhaustacatted from playing ball, I takes a giant catnap in my deeziner Baseball shirt cuz itza OH so official and guaranteed to make my field of feline dreams come true while I'm shmoozing my snoozing.

Bamzatini I wake up to find Me & MYself been bagged by the umpire!

Cazowey!  Now I'm gonna watch dat giant game with my EyeTailYun eyes wide open so I duzn't miss a meowment of funtasticat plays. Remember, play ball, don't stall and take me out to my ballpark for a doggone hot diggity good dog too (hold the onions  cuz they're not healthy for we anipals!)

Wishing youza nonCATastrophic week

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 21, 2014

Two Generations Of Acrobaticats

Catzowey! It's Me & Myself waaaay back 8 years ago and about 16 pounds smaller (Yep Uh HUH but I'ma big boned Man Cat!) and some things just never ever change - like the weather changes every meowment. But Acrobaticat stuff never changes! Nope not at all.

Lil Sisfur Grappa following my chair acrobaticat act and doing fabuloso.

And I works hard to pass down to all in the furmily the art of arranging the flowers purrrfectly.

Hoorayzatini Lil Sisfur Grappa! Youza accomplished at arranging da flowers!

Itza for sure the flying saucer Pink Pod izza funtasticat even for an EyeTailYun Man Cat whooza needs a flight to a celesticatical getaway every now and then.

And a catzillion catnaps later, Lil Sisfur Grappa finds the Pink Pod - Hoorayzatini Grappa and have a great flight & remember your Passpurrrt & get a return ticket!

Catzillion of ribbons makes me wanna get colorful!

WOWza MEOWza Grappa izza colorful without da ribbons! 

Signorina Feline Genie .. look into my eyes and tells me if Lil Sisfur Grappa gonna follow me correctacatically.

Yep! Weeza sealed the deal.

So Grappa and Me & Myself wishing youza pawsome nonCATastrophic week,


GUIDO the Italian Kitty (and Lil Sisfur Grappa too!)

July 14, 2014

Yep Uh Huh - I Am ON It and IN It

 Catzowey ~ Youza purrrobably curious as a cat to know so I tells ya. It's for shure I am ON Facebook cuz I likes showing my back on the furont of my  Facebook  Page but I assures you and yurself my lil sisfur Grappa still a smitten kitten in training so no FB page for her yet!

And this izza my EyeTailYun deeziner furont - keeping it simplisticat.

Catzowey! Now I jumps from my furont page IN to the real authenticat Weinermobile and I relish driving the big masheen. Itza hot diggity dog experience and the license plate is meowvalous too.

Ooopsatini! Wazza I purrhaps driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile  IN my meowster dreams?
Wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week filled with abundacat meowvalous dreams too!
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 7, 2014

Man Cat At Work AND On The Job - Maybe

Catzowey! Home repairz never ever easy and when someone drops their family heirloom ring or heirloom family-grown tomato into the bowl, they call Man Cat At Work and I goes diving for it.

But before my Man Cat At Work self gets on the job, I gotta get TO the job so I always use my EyeTailYun cat eyes to check out my wheels and get there safely,  like funtasticatically fast too.

A Man Cat At Work needs a  super uber dooper breakfast to pump uppa the working meowscles. So I always gets a giganticat bowl of Joe's O's and a side of Pasghetti & Meatballs too.

Then after the super uber dooper breakfast my Man Cat At Work self pencils out the job - gotta nail it accuracatically - yep uh huh! But if youza don't nails it .....

Then itza purrrfurable to bring in the assistant who can assist.

AND if that assistant is not assisting then youza just laughs, yep uh huh youza just laughs!

Wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week,
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

June 30, 2014

Feeling Patrioticatish Cuz It's The 4th of July Week

Catzowey! I just knows youza whooza lives in the USA gonna be unfurling your flags this week cuz weeza has the funtasticat 4th of July Holiday coming up.

Now, youza know I have EyeTailYun Citizenship & USA Citizenship - yep uh huh itza double trouble funtastic Passpurrrts for Me & MYself,  so thatza why I luvs Pasghetti and Meatballs  on Columbus Day and dat Fried Chickzatini on the 4th of July - well I try!

 Flag purrrtocol says itza meowvalous idea to display the flag on the 4th of July always but when your flag is upsides down, someone for sure gonna tells ya.

FIREWORKZ advise: Be sure you never ever sits in back of da unfurled flag cuz if youza watching fireworks galore and more,  the flag might keeps you from going "ohhhh ahhh" cuz itza blowing in the breeze with ease and blocking yur fireworkz view. That can cause hiss fits!

Me & MYself thinks itza meowvalous to see your unfurled flag blowing in the wind.

 And get your lips ready for dat all Americano Apple Pie. Why? Cuz itza the 4th of July.
Happy 238th Birthday to America - yep uh huh!

Wishing you a nonCATasrophic week

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


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